Birthday Gifts For Everyone!

I realize another Wednesday has passed without a decent Worktable Wednesday. I don’t wanted to bore you with another “I have not manage to do much”-post. On a more happy note it will be my birthday on Sunday, and I decided to pass on some of the birthday joy: If you order in my Etsy

Worktable Wednesday: Photos and Writing

I have not done much that I could present to you here and now. I spend the morning taking photos. The light on the stand on the left is a new one that I got from my sisters for Christmas, and so I used a new arrangement of photo equipment for some of the items.

Guter Vorsatz für das neue Jahr

It is customary to make at least one New Year’s Resolution if not several. I read that among the most popular resolutions are to loose weight, to stop smoking, to get more exercise, and to generally life and eat healthier. Personally, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions like that. But it is a time to