Ich hab’s ja schon mehrmals erzählt: Vor etwa einem Jahr habe ich aufgehört, Photoalben zu machen, weil ich so unzufrieden damit war, dass beim Knopfloch-Stil, den ich sonst so schön finde für Alben, der Heftfaden über die Buchkante verläuft, und da dann vielleicht zu schnell aufraut und durchscheuert. Nun habe ich mit meinem Butterfly-Buttonhole ja

Parchment trial

First trials come out well. I tried the easiest things first: I very slightly roughed up the surface of an end piece of my end pieces of parchment, and simply tried writing on it with sharpie pen, ink, and then printed a stamp with a pigment alcohol ink. – Seemed to work reasonably well.  Before


This is the book that I finished today. I made it for myself: Sewing on Cords, partly with 1-X in the terminology of K.Smith. Inspired by this book which I saw via the artes del libro blog, I added string to easily access different sections of the book, which have different paper. I want to


Happy ending to a story that bothered me more than it probably should have.
I felt pretty bad in all this affair because usually I count myself in with the critics, feeling that artists need more freedom to create derivative works, and that the big companies are too much protected against the general good of society by this laws. Now my perspective shifted a little. Copyleft licenses help protect the creators of original content, and can contribute to a better use of it, for example through creative commons licenses.