Bonefolders – Update

Foto by vuscor aka Peter Zillig A few days ago I brought up the question: “Why is there a hole in almost all bonefolders that I encounter?” – Thanks again to all who shared their experiences! I got even more curious about the topic since many uttered their opinions, but no-one seems to know. So

Hardcover Pamphlets

In the past days I made a whole lot of pamphlets in hard covers. 10 to be precise. Plus a bunch of hand painted labels. It was fun to have this opportunity to take out all my different fabrics. I would like to make some more, but first I’ll see whether anyone would want to

Making Books too Fast

I am working on a  new series of journals at the moment. The one you see on the left was the first I made. It still had a different format than those that I am making now. But it already has the characteristic traits:  These books have sketch paper pages, four pouches at the back


These are my bonefolders. I use them all occasionally, but the one on the very top, and the completely round one got used the most. I once had another really big one for folding big sheets of paper, but I hardly ever used it, and when I wanted to take the picture I couldn’t find

E-Book Object

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