Slow Books

Anna Hawthorne is holding a slow books contest, or rather an write-an-essay-about-slow-books-contest at the moment. As you can see if you follow the link she posted it already a while ago and since then I have been thinking about what slow books could mean to me. And apparently it was not so easy for me


“An artist is a human who looks into the world, sees that there is something missing, and then has to make it since no-one else seems to do it.” I read something along these lines from somewhere, probably a quotation of someone famous and I ought to know from whom it is. Not for every

Back Home

I am back from my trip through 4 US-states in 13 days. The flight was to Chicago, Il. A rented car brought me in a three day trip with visits in Milwaukee, Madison, the Dells, and the House on the Rocks through Wisconsin to Red Wing, Minnesota, where I joined the celebration of the wedding