14+ hours of work – wasted?

print 007I had the stupid idea to try and print with linoleum onto book cloth.

I ordered petroleum this morning to clean the linoleum of the oil printing color which I am planning to use. The lino printing colors on water basis that I used for these proof prints doesn’t dry water resistant, so I don’t want to apply it to the exterior of a book. At this moment, I have not even tried to print with them onto the cloth, and already think that it was a bad idea from the start: A “Schnapsidee” in German.

print 008

After more than 14 hours of concentrated work I don’t think that the results look good on paper – how much worse will they be on the cloth?

I started on Sunday afternoon to make the cut that you can see in the above photo in the front. After first proof print I decided that it looks too bland for the front cover. So it had to be the back cover and I had to do something more ornate for the front page. The result is visible on the photo here. After the first prints I decided to reduce the middle decoration. Maybe this could work as a front cover decoration if it were embossed. Probably it will only look cheap as a lino print.

print 006

Because I was cutting lino anyway, I also tried to make me another and better stamp for my journals. The proof is pictured on the right. – This is a photo, and I held the camera at a slight angle. The photo is slightly bigger than the actual prints and carving the letters was delicate work. – I don’t like the shaky and irregular letters at all.

I hope you had a more successful start into this new week!